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Chair in Thornback and Peel fabric

The short course is a very intensive three day interior design course that is taught to a semi-professional level in the country house. The principles of design and decoration are explained with best practice being illustrated with lovely examples. All attendees leave with something to treasure (their portfolio), a certificate, and in addition to the key principles - information about a new and different perspective on how to decorate. The latter is a simple system devised by the Telegraph Trailbazing Award holder, that applies to all styles of decor, and creates a more original look.

The courses run on three consecutive days in the Spring and the Autumn, and numbers are kept low to allow for personalisation. Everything is highly structured to ensure excellent results in minimum time - and standards are high - but the approach is friendly and kind so everyone is welcome.

It is aimed at those wanting a professional finish in their own home, but it is also for those looking for a career change (using the portfolio and certificate to find work, or developing things further with a view to self-employment...see the extension pack page). All equipment is supplied - black fabric portfolio case, art sleeves, mount board, scale ruler, colour wheel, extension pack - as well as lunch. The latter takes place in a 54 foot long kitchen where you sit on Tom Dixon S chairs, and look out on to a garden designed by a Chelsea gold medal winner.

It is a bit more expensive than most short courses in interior design but it is rather special, and the new trailblazing approach to design means that it is as valuable as a longer and more costly course elsewhere. A summary is shown below - reviews can be seen on Houzz - and dates and details are on request.

  • The key elements of good design including space planning
  • Understanding style
  • The professional route to design via mood, soft furnishings and furniture boards
  • Introduction to a short cut to room design (involving the use of curated images)
  • Colour theory and schemes
  • Lighting principles
  • Notes on sylising a room for a quality finish

Each portfolio has a mood and fabric board (as examples), a 1:50 room plan with furniture, and a further board illustrating the clever short cut.

Many students have benefitted "Your certificate got me this job" Guildford designer and "I am now offering room schemes as part of my business" London curtain maker. Others have created a beautiful home, gained confidence, and had their eyes opened to a new way of doing things.

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