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Given out at the end of the short course is a case full of ideas, information, and examples relating to the new perspective on how to decorate that is covered on the course. It explains in more detail how imaginative design schemes can be created quickly and easily using curated images rather than via the usual methods of designing a room around a mood board or art work (see @sallysurreyhouse on instagram for examples of the latter). It is a multipurpose pack that extends knowledge whilst highlighting its applications.

It works particularly well for those looking for ideas for their own small business (or as an extension to an existing business) - using the system as a tool box for growth. But it is equally valuable for those embarking upon a new build, an extension, or more critically, planning to move house. It open doors.

Part of the focus is on bespoke schemes for individual rooms, and part on cohesive design for a whole property. The latter is a variation on what has gone before and like many innovative and creative steps forward, is quite simple once the concept has been grasped. It has been tried, tested, and has been shown to work.

Included in the pack (and it is evolving all the time), is a USB drive with key information, a motivational ideas book, two black room scheme boxes, and a case study. The latter is the jewel in the crown and could mark the start of a whole new industry. 01483 811795

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