The short course can stand alone, but for those wishing to develop things further, this extension day is dedicated to the new route to design that is explained on the three day course. It shows how imaginative decoration schemes can be created quickly and easily compared to the already established methods of designing a room around a mood board or art work. It is a multipurpose day that works particularly well for those looking for ideas for their own small business.

It costs the same as one day on the short course, and involves creating bespoke schemes for individual rooms as well as illustrating potential home improvements for a whole property.

Equipment received includes - two room scheme boxes with all the fabrics and trimmings, a USB drive with key information, a motivational ideas book, and an A2 board depicting a complete house case study.

Room Schemes in Boxes

together with a trailblazing twist on home improvements...

For verification as to the value of the day... read the reviews on houzz