interior design courses Surrey

The short course can stand alone, but for those wishing to take things further, this extension day is dedicated to the clever short cut to room design that is explained on the last afternoon of the three day course. It provides a deeper understanding of how the method can be used to create original and imaginative design schemes quickly and easily - compared to the already established methods of designing a room around a mood board or art work (see @sallysurreyhouse on instagram for examples of the latter). Basically it is a motivational discovery day of potential that could kick-start something new and different.

The course is run by the Telegraph Trailblazer Award holder and involves learning how to create bespoke schemes for single rooms, as well as for a whole property. It is a full day with lunch, and includes two black room scheme boxes, a USB drive with key information, and an A2 board depicting a case study. The case study is a simple and innovative take on what has gone before, and can be adapted to suit a range of needs.

The day costs the same as one day on the short course, and the next one has been booked for the 30th of August with another arranged for Friday 1st November. A small amount of homework (and a trip to one store in London) is required prior to attendance and this needs to be factored in prior to booking.