Sally McIlroy founded the business as - Sallyforth with a House Tutor - in 2002 having trained at KLC School of Design in London after a successful career in teaching. The stimulus was buying a derelict property that needed complete renovation but finding no-one to pin point how to go about the design and decoration process independently. There were plenty of businesses willing to take the project on, and numerous classroom courses to attend, but no design guidance where theory and practice were merged. The country house where the courses are held won a Best Conversion award in The Evening Standard and the courses now fill the missing gap between knowledge and application.

Sally has worked on residential and commercial projects, written for high-end magazines on topics including The History of Style, and holds a Telegraph Trailblazing award for the business. She has a post graduate certificate in education with distinction, and over the last few years has headed a small team of designers many of whom have gone on to set-up on their own. Her skill is in condensing knowledge into salient facts, and the approach is more analytical than creative.

She has run tailor made courses for organisations including The Royal Automobile Club, worked with The Design Council, and helped local businesses with in-house training.

All feedback has been excellent, and you won't see it advertised as the courses quietly sell themselves.

Surrey interiors courses

''An amazing course and an absolute must for those redecorating, who have just bought their own home or for those wishing to make a professional career''

''Thank you ever so much for a fantastic course. I really enjoyed every moment of it''

"Your course and you completely changed my perspective on things, it gave me the confidence to try new things. You are a passionate teacher and with your kind nature you made me feel and have the 'I can do' attitude"

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